Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Jack the Ripper

wow, i learned a few things with this exercise.. to make a long story short,the end turned out to be more stylized. I think this would work better as a video game type character rather than a realistic character... I'd still like to do a realistic version of Jack the Ripper.. but that'll be for another day when i can get my shit straight... haha


  1. The first iterations were excellent, but these my friend are superb! Really loving the character. I may do a little with the hat incoperating somehow the leather/warm colors even in just a brim. I do not have anything else to say aside from friend saying: "new fave artist". I dunno how to say this... but this is kind of a big deal =)

  2. Really nice work Rob. I really like the final iteration. Also, I really like how you handled the paint job. :)

  3. WOW! this guy really turned out badass Rob!